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Using the highest quality materials and the most advanced tools and techniques, we'll accommodate the needs of your specific surface, including concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, and various forms of edging. With our expertise in foundation leveling and compaction, our driveway contractors are ready to ensure your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive installation service that caters to the unique needs of each customer, from homeowners seeking an enhanced appearance to business owners needing reliable driveway installations. To accomplish this, our driveway contractor team is educated and trained to work with a variety of materials, such as cement, gravel, bricks, and more, offering detailed estimates and personalized solutions.

Whether you're looking to give your property a face lift, solve drainage issues, or eliminate the hazard of surface cracks, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Here's why homeowners throughout New Jersey choose Driveway King...

  • Timely and accurate estimates
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Asphalt, concrete and paver options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Beautiful results
  • The Driveway King Guarantee

New Driveway Options

Using the highest quality materials and the most advanced tools and techniques, we'll accommodate the needs of your specific surface.

We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive installation service that caters to the unique needs of each customer. To accomplish this, our contractors are educated and trained to work with a variety of materials, including...

Driveway Paving FAQ

Here, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our New Jersey driveway paving service. Whether you're a homeowner looking to enhance your curb appeal or a business owner needing a new parking lot, we're here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your paving needs. Browse through our frequently asked questions, and if you are still looking for an answer to your specific question, feel free to contact us directly. We're always happy to help!

What are the signs that my driveway needs to be repaved?

There are several signs that indicate that your driveway needs to be repaved, including:

How long does it take to pave a driveway?

The timeframe for a driveway installation project depends on several factors, including the size of the driveway, the materials used, and the weather conditions. The Driveway King Paving Company will provide you with a detailed timeline for your specific project.

What types of materials are typically used for driveway paving in New Jersey?

When it comes to driveway paving in New Jersey, you've got some options. The most commonly used materials are asphalt, concrete, and pavers. Asphalt is a great choice if you want something durable, easy to maintain, and affordable. Concrete is another popular option known for its longevity and can be customized with different colors and designs. Pavers, individual blocks made from materials like concrete, clay, or natural stone, offer a unique and eye-catching look for your driveway. Choosing the best material for your driveway depends on factors like your budget, personal preferences, and the climate in your area. Feel free to ask a qualified driveway paving contractor for advice on the best choice for your needs.

How much does a new driveway cost?

Well, the cost of a new driveway in New Jersey can vary quite a bit depending on a few different factors. Factors that can affect the cost include the size of your driveway, the materials you choose, and any additional features like landscaping or lighting. Typically, you're looking at a price range of anywhere from a few thousand bucks to tens of thousands of dollars. Getting a few quotes from qualified driveway paving contractors is always a good idea to help you get a better idea of the costs involved.

Is a permit required for driveway paving in New Jersey?

Permit requirements for driveway paving can vary depending on where you live in New Jersey. Some towns and cities may require a permit, while others don't. But don't worry too much about it - your driveway paving contractor will be familiar with local regulations and can help you navigate any necessary permits. It's always a good idea to double-check with your local government to be safe.

Are paving contractors licensed in New Jersey?

Yes, New Jersey paving contractors are required to hold a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) license issued by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Are NJ paving companies required to have insurance?

Yes, paving contractors in New Jersey are typically required to have liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance. This helps protect both the contractor and the homeowner in the event of any accidents or damages during the project.

Do you offer any maintenance services for the paved driveway?

No, we do not offer maintenance services for paved driveways. However, regular maintenance is important to ensure the longevity and durability of your driveway. Maintenance services typically include sealcoating, crack repair, and asphalt patching.

How often should I sealcoat my newly paved driveway in New Jersey?

It is generally recommended to sealcoat a newly paved driveway after 6 months and then every 2-3 years after that, depending on the wear and tear

Do driveway paving companies offer a warranty?

A typical warranty for a new driveway can vary depending on the contractor, but it usually covers defects in workmanship and materials for a certain period of time, such as one to three years.

Driveway and Additional Services

To best address our customer's needs, our contractors specialize in a variety of maintenance, installation and repair services. Each service hones in on your individual situation, addressing both your property's style and specific needs. Even more, all of our services are fully insured as a testament to our Driveway King guarantee. Here's a complete list of our services...

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For over 28 years, Driveway King has delivered unparalleled driveway installation, paving, and curbing solutions. We've serve Union, Middlesex and Somerset Counties including:

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Driveway King guarantees your driveway will be installed correctly using the highest quality materials.

All our installed driveways are guaranteed to last up to 25 years based on the material you have selected (please consult your driveway's warranty for your specific guarantee).

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